Graphic Design

The Internet has revolutionized the world of business in a positively way. Banking, shopping, buying airline tickets are now mostly done online. It is essential then for a business to maximize fully from the services of the Internet as this is where customers are flocking to.

Banner design involves use of graphic posts placed on a website with the aim of attracting customers to buy the advertised goods or services. A web banner design can be used to advertise enrolling in college, buying discount shoes, getting free shipping, buying household goods etc. They have become popular because so many people are always surfing the web and the advertisers feel that this is a great way to reach customers. Our banners are designed to work with the iPhones, iPads and most android phones. In the past, advertising was mostly done on TV as infomercials or in newspapers but with website domain creation; marketers are able to tap into a wider customer base.

There are two types of banner design ads, static and dynamic ads. The static banner is fixed and in one area of the web page; it stays the same until the closure of the page. The dynamic one as the name suggests has moving text and sound to compliment the graphic and changes after a period of time. So two people could open one website at any time and see different ads of the same product. The dynamic banner is mostly preferred by marketers as it keeps the customer attentive by changing and looking different.

A web banner design comes not only in flashing pictures but also as videos and animations. Marketers consult with banner designers by explaining how they want their customers to see the ad. They describe the dimension to be used and whether it is static or dynamic. Most web banners use an HTML code to accomplish ad posting to a website- it should be placed on a website at a precise angle and location where it won’t interfere with the website visitor but at the same time make it easy to get the user’s attention.