Website Promotion / SEO / SEM

There are three website promotion methods that should be explored by every marketer today, as these methods are highly effective in driving both traffic and sales.

Search engine optimisation is the process of designing a website in a way that will make it more desirable to the major search engines. This is done in the hope of having the website listed not only on page one, but in one of the coveted top spots on page one. The vast majority of individuals that use search engines to find the information that they are looking for never venture past the first page. For this reason, one must use Search engine optimisation techniques in order to receive the best placement possible.


Newsletters, which are now more commonly referred to as e-newsletter, are a popular method of staying in touch with a customer base. While these are informational for the most part, they are also a great opportunity to advertise. By proving potential customers and clients with information that is helpful to them, marketers stand the chance of winning their confidence, creating loyalty, and building sales numbers. Newsletters have been popular for many years now. The difference between then and now is that the need for paper has been eliminated, and the email communications have taken over.

Pay Per Click advertising is the process of simply paying a company to send traffic to your website. This can be done in conjunction with the search engines, and can now be done in conjunction with social media outlets. Pay Per Click advertising works quite well, so long as the proper customer base is targeted. If there is one drawback to the method, it is that it can be expensive. It will be up to the business owner to decide if the higher profit levels will bring a high level of return on this investment.

Search engine optimisation, newsletters, and Pay Per Click advertising are all currently being used successfully by marketers. Those that have yet to use these methods must considering exploring them further in order to see how they could benefit their business. The world of online marketing is always changing. However, these three methods have managed to stay relevant due to the fact that they work well.

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