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Website Design & Development

There are so many options available today for website design and website development are a lucrative industry today, with numerous service providers waiting to express their skills. Finding the right website designer can seem overwhelming. They all promise user-friendly web development, but do not always deliver as advertised.

Designer Code websites are designed to load quick and easy on all major web browsers.We test our websites across all platforms to look for any errors . This will help the website appeal to the widest audience. Things must display correctly. People quickly get frustrated and move on to another source if they can't understand or navigate the web page


Designer Code is well-established, offering high-quality work that involves listening to the customer's specific needs. Whether selling a product online or simply providing information, our websites are easy to intuitive and easy to navigate. People want stuff to work quickly and easily, especially when surfing the net. Bulky and cluttered websites are quite a hassle. A credible website specialist will have taken time to understand commonalities of popular websites already in existence and work to ensure that they articulate web development for each customer in a way that maximizes a user-friendly environment. People don't care how clever a web designer is if they can't easily navigate a website.

Designer Code websites are relatively maintenance free and easy to update with our Content Management System. Fresh content keep your website from becoming stale or dated. The goal is to ensure simplicity of use while also keeping things fresh and new.

When looking at web design consider the intended audience first. Think about their interests, concerns, prejudices and so forth. Designer Code provide easy options and multiple methods of interaction. Some people are perfectly happy to conduct their transactions on our website. Others prefer to talk to a real person and get specific information and assurances before committing to a sale. Understanding the target population can help inform the web growth process.

Consider reputation when choosing Designer Code.


Website Features Available

Shopping cart
E-commerce add-on powerful shopping cart and payment gateway to provide a way for your website visitors to order products and to book events, utilising secure credit card transaction processing.

Billing & Invoices
order management, customisable order forms ,Payment gateways ,Tax and more

Photo Gallery
fullscreen animated ,Send to a friend,batch upload ,commented ,voting and more

Video Gallery
Auto Creation Of Thumbnails ,Batch Uploading , Rate Videos ,Add, Delete And Edit Categories/SubCategories and more

Real Estate
real estate add-on can manage properties for selling or renting in back or front-office. You can add multiple images and multiple features or contact form for each properties.

The Events add-on allows you to create web pages containing lists of events and calendars. Events also include the ability to allow web visitors to register for your events through the e-commerce .

SMS add-on is perfect for schools reminding parents, bands reminding fans about gigs, retailers announcing sales,venues and hotels announcing last-minute vacancies, churches encouraging members, sporting clubs announcing fixture changes – any time a lot of people need to know something straight away.

Booking & Reservation
Make Easy Reservation Online.

Help Desk
Help Desk add-on is a ticketing enables you to Add Departments with custom ticket fields Add Groups of permissions for your staff members Distribute the tickets automatically to your staff(load- Front-End ticket management by staff members Clients can see their tickets and update status Clients can open tickets without being registered.

Forms & Form Maker
the ideal tool to easily create elaborate forms within minutes.

place ads for cars, real estate, auction ads, sell online, job search ads ,career and more

SEO addon allows end users to optimise each individual content page within their website for optimum site exposure and search engine rankings.

buying and selling goods or services by offering them up for bid, taking bids, and then selling the item to the winning bidder online.